Our Synagogue

The Endurance
of Faith

The windows of Beth Ezekiel synagogue are a tribute to past generations and a message of hope for those to follow. They speak of life, courage, love, devotion, joy, religion, and tradition. Landy windowEach one tells a different story, yet all express a common belief in the endurance of faith. It is because faith endures that our little community continues to thrive, and though our numbers are small, the special bond we share keeps us strong.

Our windows are evidence of this strength, and this account is a record of it. In it are the stories behind the windows, told by sponsoring families mostly in their own words. Each story reveals something about the character of the people to whom the windows are dedicated that goes far beyond the simple inscriptions on their Yahrzeit plaques found at the back of the synagogue. The windows also offer us a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the families who, through their generosity aLower windownd community spirit, gave these windows to our synagogue as a lasting gift.

Their stories are told with compassion and grace, full of hope and rich in symbolism. Relating them in the medium of light and colour has been brilliantly accomplished by Leigh Greaves who, from the outset, clearly regarded this project as much more than simply a commi
ssion. Her artistry brings our stories to life with rich, vivid colours and fine detail. Overlapping images of leaves, flowers, and other elements give these windows depth and dimension, while the subtle interplay of colour and shading achieves a quality of lightness. It is easy to forget when viewing the windows that the effect is accomplished with thousands of meticulously crafted and carefully selected pieces of glass. The end result is simply stunning.

Our windows are truly things of beauty, inspired by love and carved from light, they are treasures that will endure, just as our faith endures, from one generation to the next.