Fishman: The Sabbath

Welcoming the Sabbath

Bernie and Myrna Fishman and Family

Sabbath is the theme of this window. It was chosen to honour all the women in the Fishman family who, through their love and strength of character, provided and nurtured the traditions of their Jewish homes.

It is a celebration of the vision and determination of Bernie’s Grandmother Jeanette, who left her friends and family in Romania with three young children in tow.

In loving memory of Rose and Samuel Fishman, Jeanette Gruber, and Mendel, Goldie, and Seymour Fishman

She had a dream for a better life. Her daughter Rose (Bernie’s mother) went on to fulfill that dream. The window is also testament to the courage of Bernie’s father Sam, who ventured back to his native Poland in 1938 to convince his family to leave Europe while they still had the chance. Tragically, most fell victim to the Holocaust. But Sam’s bother Mendel, his wife Goldie, and their son Seymour survived and came to Canada after the war, thanks to Sam’s efforts.

The window depicts the lighting of the Sabbath candles, a moving and deeply personal ritual reserved for women of the household. Among the complementary symbols depicted are the rose, for Bernie’s mother Rose. Bernie’s parents names (Sam and Rose), are inscribed in the border.

Without the sacrifices of our dear loved ones we would not be enjoying the wonderful freedoms we have today.

— Myrna Fishman