From Stein: Life


Sylvia, Ron and Craig Fromstein

This window is rich in symbolism, addressing Hy’s Jewish faith through the central element of the Star of David. Peering through the star, we are offered a glimpse of local scenery, a representation of his great love of nature. Both the crown and the priestly hands of blessing in the top corners are references to Hy’s status as a Kohein, a descendant of Aaron, who enjoyed both special privileges and responsibilities within the synagogue.

Dedicated to the memory  of Hyman Fromstein

Dedicated to the memory
of Hyman Fromstein

In Hy’s case, one of those priestly hands should perhaps wear a golf glove, to signify his passion for the game. It wasn’t uncommon for Hy to hit plastic golf balls in his clothing store, much to the delight and bemusement of his loyal customers.

His Hebrew name was Chaim; and Hy lived life to its fullest.