Landy: Joseph Frieden

The Window of
Joseph Meyer Freiden

Mark Landy and Family


Dedicated to the memory of Joseph and Reva Freiden

Joseph Meyer Freiden immigrated with his young family to Winnipeg after the turn of the 20th century leaving behind the pogroms of Russia. He opened a small tailor shop on Portage Avenue and supported his family as a tailor. Limited in his formal education by the lack of opportunity when he was young, he pursued throughout his adult life a love of literature and learning. Self educated he read the works of Shakespeare, among others, translated into Yiddish. He was a long-standing member of the Winnipeg community’s Yiddish Theatre and frequently read from the works of Sholom Alechem and J.L. Peretz.

The tree in this window represents the tree of knowledge. In it are three large fruits representing the three daughters of Joseph and Reva Freiden; Syma, JennieDedicated to the memory of Joseph and Reva Freiden, and Edith. The five smaller fruits represent

Edith and David Landy’s five children. The curtain framing the tree and the book below the tree, represent his participation in the theatre and his love of learning. The thimbles, needles and thread in the upper corners are a remembrance of his craft and the means by which he enabled his family to root itself and then flourish in the new world.