Van Wyck: Margalit



These windows were the inspiration for all the windows in the Synagogue. When Alisa’s mother passed away in 1999 she left a bequest to our community. Wishing to furnish a lasting gift, Alisa commissioned the windows to symbolize her mother’s life                                             and faith.

The daisies at the top of each window


In memory of our beloved mother, Margalit   Alisa Van Wyck, Sid and Elan

represent Alisa’s mother’s name, Margalit, which means Daisy in Hebrew. Her name, mvsgwa, is also inscribed in the borders. The colours, the light, and the symbols tell a moving story of love that speaks to Margalit’s life and faith. White Calla lilies, a symbol of purity, and the dove, a symbol of peace, represent Margalit’s heart and soul. The Star of David and the Menorah, icons of the Jewish religion and culture, represent Margalit’s lifelong devotion to her faith.

“The windows are for happiness and joy.
They seem to smile with warmth and light,
just as my mother did all her life.”

— Alisa Van Wyck